About Me and My Passion

I realized a long time ago that it really doesn’t matter what people put here, as long as your work and your prices are good.

I started Timecode Productions in 2000 and am pleased to see it is still going strong with a great team of creative professionals I am pleased to call friends. I grew up the son of a hippy artist/photographer. I got my first camera when I was seven and instantly became infatuated with recording moments. Then I became obsessed with making those moments enjoyable to look back on for years to come by capturing them in the most interesting and appealing ways. My constant desire to always be learning new tricks and the latest trends in film/video and photography have been the key to my ongoing success.

So when you’re looking for someone to capture those moments and make them enjoyable memories you should always look for the person who truly enjoys what they do, as it will always come through in the images, and that’s what you take with you when we are done.